A photographer is not like all of the other wedding vendors that are involved with your big day in many ways. This decision can make or break all of your other wedding plans before you even walk down the aisle, because your photographer will frame how you share your wedding in the future. Here's a list of things to consider when selecting your photographer.

  1. As your photographer, I will be your only vendor that you see literally almost all day. It's important that you like me and how I work.  
  2. I will also see you in all sorts of states making us fast friends. I will see you before hair & make-up, various states of dress, crying, maybe a meltdown, by the end of the night being aided into the limo, and anything in between. It's like we're creating college memories together but all in one day. My close proximity means that I'm there to let you know that everything looks beautiful, your guests love your menu choice, and that your dress is still just how you want it. It's really important that you like me, as a person, not just my work.
  3. If you opt out of hiring a wedding planner, my schedule and time management are what keep us on track, barring all lost groomsman or misplaced shoes (luckily both were recovered and the day was a success).
  4. You want to know how your photos are being taken, being edited, and being stored. How they're being delivered to you is probably not as important as the 'when', but it's good to know what to expect.
  5. You want to know how I learned my craft. Personally, you can read that on my about me page. In general, I'm not saying that a degree is required to be a great photographer. I'm saying that you need to know the path that was taken and what was learned from that path. 

I highly recommend a face-to-face consultation to start our relationship. Emails are a great way to get basic information, but it can overwhelming to try and absorb all of that data through your screen as opposed to a conversation. Your wedding is a personal affair and we're going to treat it as such. 

Now that you know what to look for, here are some bonus features that comes with me! 

I AM All about the wow factor! 

I LOVE the big, in your face shots that you make you say, "yeah, that's us looking awesome!". What makes these so special is that they are few in number and that's all you need to complete your wedding collection.  However, without them and there's nothing to give your event perspective.

I pay attention to detail

And by attention to detail, I mean in an OCD, every dot and tittle, kind of way. If you're detailed too, then great, you'll know we're on the same page, if not, I've got this part covered and can recommend some other stress-free vendors to fill out your roster. 

Aside from the obvious perks of being organized and on point, this means your wedding day pictures will be complete in both representation of the event and in coverage of what's important. This bride on the left took the time to cut her mothers wedding gown, which is uncommon as most tend to ditch their mother's old dresses. I made sure that they were showcased in her wedding collection because I knew that this was important to her. You should not be focused on what pictures need to be taken as someone is buttoning your dress. Just enjoy your moment. 

I Capture the sweet

Think of a wedding where you didn't just swoon at all of the mushy-ness of love surrounding you. You can't, because they don't exist. Love is what weddings are made of, which means there is bound to be sweet moments all around. My job is to let it happen naturally and get it on camera when it does. 

Another reason why I'm pro-engagement session, is that I reteach you how to interact with a camera. The right way. Not the 'say cheese' and feel awkward way. We get all those bad habits that were beaten into us out and leave you feeling comfortable and confident in being you. One less thing to worry about on your wedding day. To know why you should be pro-engagement session too, check out this post.

i love to have fun!

I love chilling with all the girls getting ready being girly and I love kickin' it with the boys as they're procrastinating putting their suits on. I love the families who are all about hugs and tears, and I love the ones who make jokes and do crazy things (like have a flash mob). I love BIG weddings and I love a small gathering of your most cherished people on earth. I love the (safe) photo idea by groomsman #3 and I love the 'we do this at all the sorority girl weddings' pose. I love tradition and complete originality. I do love to have a good time at a wedding, but I love my job because it is fun anytime I'm behind my camera. Most of all, I love making images that you'll love too. 

Think we're a good fit? 

Let's chat over some coffee, because I think we'll be great together.