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Personal Reflection

Wow, what a season!  As this year comes to an end and we celebrate such a joyous time - I can sit back and reflect.  This season certainty did not go the way I had hoped.  From, sickness after sickness spreading in my family to a broken (and expensive) heater.  It was been very draining - both physically and financially.  But finally on Christmas Eve, I am happy to say everyone is well (relatively speaking).  We didn't get to send out Holiday Cards this year with all the sicknesses and chaos, I think I had to reschedule like 5 times! But, we are finally well enough to make Christmas cookies and I took it as an opportunity to take true lifestyle portraits.  A glimpse inside our family,  from messy hair to mismatched clothes to tights over leggings.  This is the kids in their element. 

Happy Holiday from Our Family to Yours!