So my dad gives me a DSLR at 15 then this happens...


I'm sure you have heard it a million times, my [Insert family member] gave me my first camera and I was hooked line! Well yes, it is true my dad gave me my first DSLR, but I wasn't hooked.  Things kind of happened backwards for me.  Yes, I absolutely enjoyed photography but I was more into the education and reading all night about it.

  • Interesting fact, I am not a pleasure reader - However when it comes to photography and learning, I will literally stay up all night glued to what I am reading.  I wanted to learn and learn everything I could about photography.  Yes, I am self-taught and far from perfect but I absolutely believe in always continuing to learn.

Ok, back on topic here.  For about 5 years, I just read and learned.  Then I had my first son.  I wanted pictures - all the time.  But I always found it super stressful to go to a chain studio. Stressful and not fun don't make for great pictures. So again, back at photography, I knew this was what I wanted and my husband is my biggest supporter but I wasn't sure how to make it happen. Photography went on the back burner again and I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Business.  I spent 11 years as a Financial Analyst.  I love business but never allowed me to be creative.  That was what I was missing.  Now educated, great understanding of business and more driven than ever, Tiffany Eliana Photography was born!

Are you still there?  Hopefully I didn't bore you half to death!  Like I said, I'm an open book.  Want to know more about me just ask. 

More Facts About Me

  • I'm a mom of 3: 2 Boys and 1 Girl
  • I might be addicted to chocolate
  • Coffee is my best friend
  • Milk hates me
  • Jesus is my Savior